Inventing Technologies that Empower People

Our research fields include Assistive Technologies, Tangible User Interfaces, Social Robotics, and Learning Technologies.

Our Research Projects

Our Teaching Projects

Creative Learning Conference

We just had another great gathering of educators, entrepreneurs and social activists from all over Israel to discuss challenges facing education today.

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miLAB hosts the 1st UX Hackathon

Students created innovative user experiences based on public information

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GMBA #10 in Berlin

GMBA students met with entrepreneurs, managers, and businessmen and visited many startups

miLAB on TV

Watch Dr. Oren Zuckerman and students talk about our research prototypes In the night program -"Next"  with Dror Globerman on Keshet 12

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A BA in Communications can jump-start your career in the Hi-tech industry

Interested in succeeding as entrepreneurs or working for companies such as Google? The Communications School alumni at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya shared how their studies paved the way for a challenging and fulfilling career

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What Makes miLAB Unique?

miLAB students work in interdisciplinary project teams including interactive media, computer science and psychology majors. This combination enables teams to deal with complex challenges from different angles.

miLAB focuses on the future of technology. At the same time, the outcomes of our projects are real, working prototypes.

miLAB focuses on the relationship between digital technology and physical interaction, and keeps the human aspect at the core of the innovation process.

miLAB has a dedicated group of mentors who work with our project teams on a regular basis. These mentors are industry leaders who share in our vision and provide an important industry perspective.

miLAB encourages an open, informal, highly collaborative environment within the lab, and in our contacts with industry sponsors. We follow a shared IP philosophy to enable open ended collaboration and development.

Many of miLAB’s research projects address current social issues and the use of technology to promote social or personal change.

Our Alumni