miLAB’s story

miLAB was founded by Oren Zuckerman after completing his PhD at the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media Lab in cambridge, MA. The goal was to create a small lab inspired by the large MIT Media Lab. The dream was to create an interdisciplinary prototyping lab that will empower students to create meaningful interactive experiences, and to study how these technologies influence human behavior, hopefully towards a better 21st century. Noa Morag joined the team shortly after, bringing her expertise in interactive media from NYU/ITP in New York. Guy Hoffman joined a few years later, bringing his expertise in the design and study of social robots from MIT Media Lab. More recently Iddo Wald joined bringing his expertise in design & hardware prototyping from RCA/Imperial college in London and Andrey Grishko with his expertise in industrial design from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art.
Many industry partners, VCs, accelerators, and entrepreneurs joined the effort, and are helping us empower students to think and act more creatively.
Today we are a leading lab in the field of HCI (Human Computer Interaction), we have a stunning space, recognition in the international academic community, and research projects in a variety of fields including tangible interaction, IoT, social robotics, wearables, drones, and technologies for creative learning
We are constantly looking for great people to join us, as students, postdocs, staff, faculty, industry mentors, and collaborators!

Our space

Research & Teaching area

Our new space merges between research and teaching, designed to accommodate the different needs of our lab’s students and faculty. The main open space area is a classroom with modular seating arrangements, enabling 40 students to work in small groups or listen to a lecture as in large groups. In our classes, we balance between these two modes of teaching, trying to integrate group-based active learning sessions as much as possible. The research activity takes place in two areas; along the northern window, we have a large six meter-long table for individual or collaborative research work, and along the western windows, we have four offices that serve for quiet work or for dedicated meetings by research teams.

Prototyping workshops

We arranged our workshop machines & tools in two large rooms. The first room holds the various 3D printers, vinyl plotter, electronics boards / sensors / motors / accessories, and PCB making CNC and oven. The second room holds the laser cutter, CNC, and various hand tools for wood and metal work such as a milling machine, scroll saw, disk saw, sander machine, stationary drill and more.

Experiment room & Photography studio

A small & quiet room is dedicated for HCI studies, where we conduct experiments to better understand the interaction between people & technology. We use the same room as a photographic studio, to document our work in various stages of the prototyping process.

Academic collaborations

Industry advisory board

Yair Goldfinger
Co-Founder & CEO at AppCard
Orna Berry
Senior Director in Science and Tech Companies
Meir Brand
Google, Chief Executive Regional Officer
Jonathan Saacks
Managing Partner at F2 Capital

In the press

Join the team

  • Workshop assistant

    (IDC Student)

    Our fabrication lab needs help. If you know the tools and think you mentor students and help out with maintaining them – we want to hear from you!

    You need to be responsible, hard working, eager to learn, good social skills and have time.

    Fabrication skills in 3D printing, laser cutter, CNC (a plus).

  • Maketec research assistant

    (IDC Student)

    We are looking for individuals who are passionate about interaction and innovation. You will be part of projects that develop innovative technologies that address current social & technological issues and dive deep into how the technology can be used to promote social or personal change.

    Content devlopement, Online marketing, design and implementiation, Mentoring, Project Management

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