Creative Learning 1st Conference

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This march we had the privilege to host the first Creative Leaning event for the Israeli community. We were fortunate to gather a variety of people from a very wide range of disciplines- from educators to tech people and from social entrepreneurs to designers and artist.

We opened the event with a talk given by miLAB’s founder and director Dr. Oren Zuckerman. Oren presented his vision on how learning process supposed to be and what are the challenges we expect to see in the near future. Noa Morag, the miLAB general manager spoke about her field of study- women makers and girls in the maker movement. Later we held two main session discussing education both in an in-formal learning environment and in formal learning environment.

Within the informal learning spaces we learned from Tal Ben Yosef, the founder and CEO of “Tal Makers” about Entrepreneurship and original thinking for children and youth. Later Asaf Brimer, exposed us to Moona´s open environment that connects various communities with advanced technologies and acts as a leverage for regional growth and development

In the formal learning session, we heard from Tom Sofer, about is making shop in Dror-Galil High school. Dror spoke on creative and technological education as a tool for learning traditional subjects in formal education. Nimord Segev, the CEO of  “Yonek HaDvash” demonstrated some teaching techniques using playful experiments. For the closing talk , we had  Roni Dayan from the Ministry of Education who talk about coping with the challenges of the 21st century.

for the closing session we gathered all the participant to a “round tables” meetings.

We held seven different tables in the field of Creative Leaning and gave the participants a chance to talk one with each other and create future collaborations.

By establishing this community and bringing together these amazing people in, we hope to act as a strong and active community, that works to change the face of education as we know today.

Written by Rona Sadan, creative learning manager at miLAB IDC

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