Gilad Gome- Introduction to Biology

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Gilad Studied at Tel Aviv University a BSc in Biology and an MSc in molecular microbiology. He researched a new type of bacteria that can eat plastic and another bacteria that can oxidize metal. Gilad won The Ramon Breakthrough Prize which granted him a scholarship to the Singularity University in Silicon Valley; the Singularity University is a joint project between Google and NASA. He participated in a summer program with 80 individuals from 40 countries all over the world; he said that each individual has an extreme and unique background. For the first five weeks of the ten-week program he studied global grand challenges such as food, water and energy, and for the last five weeks they were divided into teams, each team consisting of at least one designer, one technologist, and one entrepreneur. The goals of these teams are to create new solutions to the global challenges.

After the ten-week course, his team project decided to look for a solution to cancer diagnostics; this is how mirOculus was created.

Miroculus provides a novel microRNA detection platform that enables healthcare providers to diagnose and monitor disease at the molecular level such as cancer through a blood test.

In 2016 Gilad started a nonprofit Zika virus diagnostic in Brazil. The goal of the project is to develop a new diagnostic assay that identifies the presence of ZIKV and other viruses.

Now Gilad has joined the miLAB for at least the next three months. In this period time he will build a molecular biology’s capacities in order to create projects that integrate biological and technological interfaces. Gilad will also teach courses in synthetic biology and run workshops in the lab.


Written by Michal Paz, second year communication students at the IDC.


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