Hasoub Festival- Creative Learning

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During the last weekend Yasmeen Kats and I, from the creative learning team of the miLAB participated in Hasoub Festival – the largest tech-innovation event within the Arab society in Israel, featuring new and interactive technologies and exposing them to the wide audience (with over a 1,000 participant this year). The organization behind the event is “Hasoub” – a grassroots nonprofit working to promote entrepreneurship and technology within the Arab society. The miLAB took part in the festival by contributing several things such as a Meccanoid robot, some electronic kits, automats and others, and we are glad to be helping and to see more and more people exposed and engaged with new technologies.

In the Hasoub Festival we also worked with Scratch and Hummingbird. Hummingbird support for Scratch allows students- made programs to jump out of the computer and into the real world by allowing Scratch to read Hummingbird sensors and control motors and LEDs.

Written by Hasan Abo-Shally, a third year student at Communication school & at MiLAB IDC.

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