Year: 2014

Empathic Objects are robotic objects that add empathy to human interaction using physical gestures

Kip1 is a research prototype, a robotic conversation companion that listens to people’s conversation tone and reacts with a physical gesture. Kip1 is afraid of aggressive tones, and is more confident when conversation tones are calm. We envision Kip1 at home, accompanying parent-child interactions, or couples interactions, and hopefully increases people’s awareness to their unintended aggressive tones.

Kip1 is controlled by an Android phone and a ioio board ( The speech analysis is done on the Android, and the ioio board enables the motor control.

Empathic Robot

Kip1 first demo took place on April 7th at Microsoft’s Think Next event in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Researchers: Dr. Guy Hoffman, Dr. Oren Zuckerman
Research Team: Shlomi Azoulay, Ofri Omer, Oran Peretz , Almog Ben David.