Mentors training at the Maketec

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A couple of weeks ago I took part in the mentors training at Hadar Yosef Maketec. The training was designed for Architecture students from Tel Aviv University who are participating in the “Perach” project, and high school students who chose to do their Personal Commitment project at the Maketec.

The training was delivered by Omri, a delightful and professional young man that in the past was a Maketec mentor as part of his Personal Commitment project and after that he advanced to manage two Maketec branches : Beit Ariella and Hadar Yosef (which he also helped to establish).

During the training, we learnt how to operate the 3D printer, and also learnt  about the MAKEY MAKEY- a kit that turns anything that leads electricity to replace keyboard buttons. In addition, Omri taught us how to work with Scratch- an online programming workspace that lets you program your own interactive stories, games, and animations, and share your creations with others in the online community. At the end of the training we sat around a desktop in the middle of the room and we studied how to work with papertronics , a technique that uses everyday materials and teaches the principle of electronic circuits and conductivity. Using a LED lamp, battery and copper tape, we created electronic  circuits and turned artwork into an interactive digital creation.  

The entire training was very pleasant, Omri was able to deliver in the best way to guide the mentors in their creative process. At the end of the training we read and discussed the five commandments of the mentor. The atmosphere during the mentors training was very good, it seemed like all the mentors felt good about the training, and were ready to start mentoring.

Written by Noa Schwartz  ,a second year in COM student at IDC.

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