In 2011, miLAB launched a Global MBA Innovation & Entrepreneurship track in collaboration with the IDC Arison School of Business. The Innovation & Entrepreneurship track is a unique hands-on learning experience designed to equip students with knowledge and skills that prepare them for future careers in product innovation and venture creation.
In addition to the core MBA courses, program participants study current approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship, including miLAB’s human centered design process and the Lean Startup methodology. The program also includes courses in Design Thinking, Interaction Paradigms, Legal and Financing aspects of entrepreneurship, and more. Furthermore, students practice innovation and entrepreneurship first hand as they design and prototype new digital products and learn how to bring them to market.
The GMBA Innovation & Entrepreneurship track is highly interdisciplinary and is designed to fit students with various backgrounds. Students work in teams reflecting their diverse skill sets and experiences in technology, media, psychology, science, business and design, and enabling them to deal with complex challenges from different angles – humanistic, technological and business related.

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Here is some of what our graduates say about the program:

Uri Etgar, GMBA5, I&E Class 1, Co-founder and VP Projects, Cloudius: student2
“The I&E track is an excellent opportunity to learn and experience hands-on what being an entrepreneur is all about. The workshops, labs, interactions and personal connections gained are priceless and I would recommend it to anyone who is considering forming a company.”

David Kalmanson, GMBA5, I&E Class 1, Founder, Infiapps: student1-copy
“Meeting amazing people, opening up your mind, brainstorming like never before and fantastic support from faculty members – an experience which I will never forget.”