Rethinking through drawing workshop @ miLAB

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Why is drawing so important? The aim of the first drawing class at Milab was to encourage the act of looking, and to rethink the way in which we relate to the objects around us.

The class began with a presentation showing different approaches to drawing through time and the different ways in which drawing has been used. From examples such as Leonardo da Vinci who used drawing to dissect objects around him and learn how they worked. To the likes of Picasso and Klee who used drawing to get to the bare essence of their subject. Through to architects who drew not to build but to show their philosophy of utopia, to designers who used drawing to transform an idea into reality.

When we draw we often try so hard to draw what we think the object is, and not what is actually there in front of us. The aim of the class was to get the students to look, really look at the object in front of them. To break it down into a series of proportions, angles, accumulations of shadows and shapes that come together to build that object. The class was taught through a series of exercises to encourage the students to dissect the objects in front of them through each of these elements, individually and then together.

Yasmin Keats, a first year International Business Administration student and a research assistant at the IDC MiLAB.

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