Impressions from HRI 2016

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HRI conference, held this year in New Zealand, is an annual international conference for basic and applied human- robot interaction. People from this field of research gather from all around the world and share their recent findings.

It was my first time taking part in this type of conference. I had the privilege to present an article on behalf of Dr. Guy Hoffman, about machines as a source of consolation. It was exciting and challenging. In addition, I presented a poster paper about a project I am involved in, and deals with robots moral and ethics. It was a unique experience, and a great opportunity to hear feedback about my work, from all different experts.

The key lectures topics ranged from presenting a virtual baby to examining the ethical aspects of violence against robots. There were papers discussing the integration of social robots as an assistive technology, for example a study on a robot that leads people in workplace buildings, or a robot that supports people who are suffering from amnesia. Moreover, there were studies presenting how we interpret robots, as drones, that can express emotions and feelings through basic movements. Furthermore, there were researches about implications of how people interact with a robot that tries to bribe them, or a robot that tries to encourage people to share their personal experiences.

Examining the various aspects of HRI, including technology, ethics, emotional and social implications – is our way to take responsibility and respond to the growing trend of robots entering our homes and workplaces, in a controlled, critical and educated approach.

Mark Sagar TED about the virtual baby:


Michal Roizman,a third year student at IDC Interactive Communication and a research assistant at the MiLAB.

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