Scratch conference 2016 at MIT media lab

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Technology and education, those are two major fields that affects our lives and society. Lots of governments, companies, NGOs and universities are dealing with the two apart, but more and more out of them are trying to combine the two worlds. One of the leading universities and labs who stands at the forefront of work and research, is the LLK Lab (Lifelong Kindergarten), at the MIT Media Lab.

The LLK group, led by Professor Mitchel Resnick , is sowing the seeds for a more creative society. They developed new technologies that in the spirit of the blocks and finger-paint of kindergarten, engage people in creative learning experiences. Their goal is a world full of playfully creative people, who are constantly inventing new possibilities for themselves and their communities.
One of the veterans’ projects of that lab, inspired by the philosophy and spirit of Seymour Papert, is Scratch. Scratch is a programming language and online community that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, games, animations, simulation and sharing your creations online.
In this past summer, the LLK group hosted the world Scratch conference in Boston. As the manager of the educational project of the IDC’s Media innovation lab (Milab)- the ‘Maketec’, I had the privilege to participate in the conference. This year theme was “many paths and many styles” of Scratch.

I had the opportunity to explore the multiple ways that people can create, share and learn with Scratch. I had a chance to take part in lots of hands-on workshops, to share and exchange knowledge with different people, from teachers, developers, artists to researchers and students.
Getting to know so many people, from variety of countries and professions, dealing with technology and education, working on passing it to the young generation was absolutely inspiring and empowering.

Written and photographed by Rona Sadan, Maketec Project Manager and Research Assistance at IDC miLAB.

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