4BAGIT is a smart bag that helps ADHD students not to forget small daily items. The prototype contains a series of broadcast  →


Binocolors is a personal device to help color blind students to distinguish between colors while in class  →


GIO is a smart surface for kids that enables the translation of abstract geometric concepts into visual representations.  →


PALS is a smart device, a bedroom lamp that can identify eye blinks and translate them to digital operations  →


A table device to help users disengage from their phone during family dinner. WEPhone is designed to address  →


A location-based digital board game for family trips to encourage positive interaction by the familiarization  →


Rello is a device that assist in division and monitoring house chores between family members.  →


A wearable technology designed for an office environment, aimed to create new and surprising interactions  →


Virtuozo is a Kinect based dancing game that encourages elderly people to dance old ballroom dances  →


Fine motor skills are used in everyday life for functions such as writing, grasping small objects  →


Tilt-It is a game platform for children who have been diagnosed with balance difficulties. Tilt-It enables  →


Students with ADHD are struggling with many academic related tasks mostly the chore of reading.  →


BRIX is a broad game targeting young children for help in acquiring and improving basic counting skills  →

Street Simon

Street Simon is an urban game combining physical and cognitive skills, and encouraging playful interactions between pedestrians.  →


SoundScape is a guessing game aimed at collecting and tagging sound clips, thus building a large-scale database  →


RecycleBall aims to turn the chore of recycling bottles into a competitive basketball game.
In Israel, plastic bottles are  →


CubePolls is an interactive street installation enabling location-specific civic participation across the digital / physical divide.  →

Street Beat

Street beat maps the neighborhood’s musical DNA by collecting, mapping, and visualizing the music listened to  →


SynCo presents a new way of nonverbal communication for two people, using bio-feedback sensors, visualization and sound.  →


Children don’t like brushing their teeth and when they do, it is usually not with perfect efficiency.  →


Serenity is a therapeutic mobile platform that enables self measurement in cases of anxiety or stress.  →


Inspiration can appear at the most unexpected moments. Daemon is a content-based system that turns any workspace  →


A children’s game connecting between the physical and virtual worlds. The game encourages children to shift their focus  →


A play kit which enables the animation of common, physical objects from the child’s environment.  →


HowToYouDo is aimed to help users learn how to activate home appliances using their smart phones  →


In the natural environment, our physical distance from an object allows us to study different aspects of the object.  →

Info Fridge

A smart refrigerator shelf that registers and presents data regarding the products it holds, with the aim of encouraging healthy  →


4T2 is a T-shirt that serves as a platform for content sharing in a physical, dynamic, and social way.  →

Tiny Town

Blending real world objects with computer generated graphic elements in real time, the user controls a story with virtual characters.  →


Mobile calm tech automatically providing status, location & mood, so your friends know what’s going on without disturbing.  →

Urban Insights

A mobile app alerting users of spontaneous gatherings and social events that are taking place around them.  →


Daily experiences captured by family members on their mobile phones, are automatically made into a joint TV show.  →


A location based music discovery network allowing users to share and discover music using natural mood gestures.  →


An in-car game, where driver and passengers are presented with location-based trivia questions on the car’s board computer.  →


A mobile application encouraging sport activities of teenagers, by training a facebook avatar using real-world exercise.  →


An urban cellular game designed to encourage cycling in the city, by chasing dynamic waypoints with vague directions.  →