Avinoam Shafran Elad Dahabany-Levy Jonathan Giron Max Harpunsky Ronny Van Den Bergh
Year: 2011

In the natural environment, our physical distance from an object allows us to study different aspects of the object.

Drawing closer reveals more details and moving away provides a wider context. This prototype transfers this experience to the digital world using a tablet device, and demonstrates this principle on objects such as museum exhibits, wall fittings, and subway maps. The tablet shows information relating to real-world objects using augmented reality (AR). As the user moves closer, the tablet app detects the new distance and provides more detailed information. Stepping away causes the app to provide more context. Users can, at any point, take down the camera into a horizontal position to read more about the information detected. This represents a new “zero-click” interface paradigm.

This is a former concept of PBI group that deals with PTSD (Post Trauma Disorder) of soldiers. http://www.youtube.com/v/uu_I19vSJFk