Adam Aviv  Adi Mor  Guy Ben-Haim  Tamir Ellenbogen  Tom Lavi  
Year: 2014

Virtuozo is a Kinect based dancing game that encourages elderly people to dance old ballroom dances (Mambo, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha). Virtuozo believes that this will allow the improvement of the person’s physical and cognitive abilities, which in turn will help to reduce the chance of him/her falling.

How does it work?
Virtuozo was developed using the Kinect motion sensor. The system compares the user’s movement to the moves stored in the system’s database and finds the most similar move by calculating probabilities. The system measures the user during the dance in order to give a final feedback on his\her performance.

Blog:more about the project

Mentors: Oren Zuckerman, Noa Morag, Guy Hoffman,
Oran Peretz, Orad Weisberg, Ayelet Gal-oz