Tal Fadlon  Sivan Got  Marina Tsimbler  Nir Tahan  Ido Michael  Ofek Karako  
Year: 2015

A table device to help users disengage from their phone during family dinner. WEPhone is designed to address the large amount of distractions caused by the excessive use of Smartphones during “family” time— dinners, trips, or just hanging around the house. This application operates when family members connect their smartphone devices to one-another and thereby they disengage from the distractions that their smartphones would cause. During the week, each family member uploads pictures that he would like to share with the family through the application. Once an image is uploaded, the application informs the other family members without disclosing the photo, arousing curiosity and encouraging participation. When sitting at a family meal the application displays images that were uploaded during the week, allowing natural dialogue, sparking questions and conversation, and encouraging families to interact during the precious time that they have together.

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Mentors: Dr. Guy Hoffman, Noa Morag, Dori Oryan
Daniel Shir, Yonatan Giron