Seeds offers to turn boring, meaningless moments into inspiring ones by sparking bits of knowledge and inspiration  →


SneakPeek is a platform for sharing tips from job interviews in the internet realm. With SneakPeek anyone can get access to  →


Jooba is a UGC application that allows youth to learn about their rights by rating their workplace based on the level of its fairness.  →


Yodapp aspires to be the answer for anyone who’s on the fence regarding which career path to choose  →


GeoMe is a trivia game aims to teach Geometry by displaying familiar objects that students can relate to  →

Mr. Note

A collaborative note that enables users to manage their everyday tasks without the constant nagging that is usually  →


A close proximity social playlist for friends to share and listen to songs when together. Whether referring to colleagues  →


Divvy is a mobile application that matches up shoppers at the same location in order to split deals such as 1+1  →


Trunch helps you not compromise on your lunch and eat with surprising other co-workers  →

Ten Siman

Ten Siman is a one-on-one social mobile game that enables the user to learn Hebrew Sign Language  →


Sheets is a weekly student task organizer, based on social sharing. With Sheets, you get a clear overview  →


Many entertainment venues claim to be accessible but they are not. For example there is a ramp at the entrance  →


EZBZ measures the load of people in places of entertainment according to location-based information  →


Daylight is a location-based app, aimed at changing the user’s habits and lifestyle by raising awareness.  →


Clue is a simple, quick and enjoyable way to learn new things. The application presents a searched item  →

Flash Forward

FlashForward enables citizen of a city to see how their future surroundings will look like based on city development plans.  →

Shuffle TLV

In an ideal world the line is short and there are no unexpected delays. Shuffle TLV is an app that knows  → is a small social network for neighbors in a joint building. The aim of this project is to enable friendly  →

Human Mode

Human mode offers the ability to disconnect from your phone without missing a thing. Just set the time and begin being human  →


Clashers is a location-based music app which enables the discovery of new music through nearby people.  →


Campool is an easy ride-share mobile application for IDC students. The goal is to provide a convenient, pleasant and safe  →


Footnotes is a smart TV application created to bridge knowledge and cultural gap between content creators  →


Laughter is a therapeutic language with no cultural barriers. Gigglers.TV wants to spread the laugh via  →

Fish Like Me

Fish like me is a multi cultural Facebook game that allows players to find their soul mate out there.  →


Flashback is a mobile location based application that allows you to experience a location through time.  →


An Internet platform and mobile application designed to raise our awareness to moments of happiness in our daily lives.  →


A social Internet platform designed to inspire creativity and serve as a “stage” for inspired creations.  →


2mix is a Facebook application that allows you to find in real time the song that best suits both yours and your friend’s musical taste.  →


It’s not where you want to eat, but what you want to eat. Delish offers search based not on restaurant, but on specific dishes.  →