Noa Avrahami  Sivan Segal  Shay Buzo  Adi Mor  Yonatan Hatsor  Aviv Florian  Oded Averbuch  Mayan Pariente  
Year: 2014

Many entertainment venues claim to be accessible but they are not. For example there is a ramp at the entrance but steps leading to the toilet, accessible toilets but there isn’t handicapped parking space nearby. Freeway dismantle the concept of accessibility into 4 categories: parking, entrance, inner space and toilet. Freeway informs you about the accessible entertainment venues around you with a reliable and accurate information.

How does it work?
Freeway app uses the service of “GooglePlaces” for it’s entertainment venues database, and updated information entered by users, to present its customers the accessibility of the entertainment venues nearby.

Blog: More about the process

Mentor: Noa Morag
Technology Mentor: Eran Ilani
Technology Teaching assistants: Adam Rozental, Ido Orlovski, Oz Radiano
Graphic product Design: HAMUTZIM studio