Idan Brodet  Nogah Goldberg  Tom Krichevsky  Mor Levy  Yarden Mor-Avi  Daniel Ovadia  Nina Pludwinski  
Year: 2016

GeoMe is a trivia game aims to teach Geometry by displaying familiar objects that students can relate to . The game was designed to help the student choose the correct answer in a limited time frame. Each few seconds another incorrect answer is eliminated giving the user a chance to learn more. The game also offers hints in case some geometric keywords are unknown to the user.

How does it work?
Geome contains a database with questions which allows students to conceptualize textbook geometry questions into real life examples. The application contains 70 images and multiple choice questions which follow. Each user has 15 seconds to answer each question. Every few seconds the user does not answer the question, one answer gets eliminated. Geome is an application designed for the new generation of geometry students to have a fun platform to learn geometry.

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Students: Idan Brodet, Nogah Goldberg, Tom Krichevsky, Mor Levy, Yarden Mor-Avi, Daniel Ovadia, and Nina Pludwinski
Mentor: Itai Preis
Technical Mentor: Eran Ilani
Graphic Designer: Yaniv Primak