Ira Frish  Ifat Wiezman  Ilai Solducho  Omer Turgeman  Omer Zinger  Nitzan Gold  Adi Cohen  Liat Noyman  
Year: 2013 is a small social network for neighbors in a joint building. The aim of this project is to enable friendly communication between neighbors that can help to lower the barrier between people who share the same space. is design to connect neighbors who are not sharing the same social circles thus are not connected otherwise. Neighbor invites another neighbor which keeps the network closed and secured. Also, neighbours are offered several privacy setting to ensure the communication with others is not intrusive.
If allowed, can detect when a neighbor is in his house to better facilitate physical communication.

Technology Mentor: Eran Ilani
Design: Hamutzim Studio
Mentor: Udi Segal
Content Partners (Students): Lital Peled, Keren Kurlender, Rona Gross
Partners: Shary Arison Awareness Communication Center