Ofir Weinstock Uri Zer Aviv   Gil Sanderovich Hadar Orlanov   Noa Ashkenazi Idan Segal Keren Kaufman Shir Binyamin   Shiri Ashkenazi
Year: 2011

An Internet platform and mobile application designed to raise our awareness to moments of happiness in our daily lives.
Mooderator enables tracking the personal level of happiness over time. A user periodically receives a reminder to grade his/her current level of happiness, and the reported level is saved in a database. Over time, the user can get a precise and personal picture of his or her happiness and also compare with that of other users based on intelligent classifications. In addition, it is possible to upload a photo of a happy moment to the website. This helps create a mosaic of location based happy moments.


Advisor: Ofer Shani
Development: Hamutzim Studio (design), Opentech (development)
Partners: The Shari Arison Center for Awareness communication