Tom Blotman  Omer Bibi  Shany Hadad  Karin Nagler  Coral Landa  Ester Biro  Omer Matz  Uri Steinfeld  Ronny Ringel  
Year: 2014

Sheets is a weekly student task organizer, based on social sharing. With Sheets, you get a clear overview of your week by only a quick glance. Students can efficiently manage their busy schedule, prevent uncertainty and unexpected surprises by collective intelligence and social collaboration.

How does it work?
Each student can create or join shared courses. When a user submits a sheet (task) to a course, it will automatically be shared with all other course members on their Sheets calendars. A Sheet includes the due date, weight and short description. Sheets has a Facebook login which enables friend invitations to courses. In addition, Sheets analyzes social connections and personal details from Facebook in order to suggest relevant courses to its users.

Site: More about the project
Blog: More about the process

Mentor: Ziv Rozen
Technology Mentor: Eran Ilani
Technology Teaching assistants: Adam Rozental, Ido Orlovski, Oz Radiano
Graphic product Design: HAMUTZIM studio