M.A. in Human-Computer Interaction

M.A. in HCI is a transformative degree, providing students the methodologies and skills required to lead user-centered products in technology companies, interactive experiences in design companies, and cutting-edge research in academic and industry innovation labs.

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Physical-Digital Prototypes

Studio for digital applications


Innovation & Entrepreneurship Track

Already have a BA?
We also offer an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Track for global MBA students
This is a unique partnership between the Sammy Ofer School of Communications, (miLAB) and the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship.
We place the focus on hands-on learning, so students you can lead innovation initiatives in organizations and to establish new business ventures.

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Undergraduate teaching assistants

Here are our excellent fellow students that you will meet in your classes as part of our Undergraduate Teaching Assistants Program (UTAs).

Stephanie Pragier
Raquel Toren
Sapir cohen
Gil Backalash
Danielle Rifinski
Netta Ofer
Tal Ziv
Karin Moshkovitz
Dana Tal
Nir Mendelson
Gil Benchlouch
Tomer Zait
Suny Salcum
Zoe Price
Maor Ofek
Yosef Peretz
Carmel Salvin
Shai Eizenman
Tal Kashani
Gal Barzilay

Selected videos

A children’s game connecting the physical and virtual worlds.

A collection of digital applications created in our Studio.

A smart device that assists in division house chores between family members.

youtube logo For more videos visit our Youtube channel: milab.idc