My First Biolab (MFB) is a system for hands-on experimentation with live microorganisms, designed primarily for enabling microbiology experiments at schools.

It includes a lab in a box, an experiment in a bag, and an online interface for controlling the system and viewing experiments results.

Each experiment is pre-packaged in a disposable, sterile bag, including all biological materials and fluidic structures required for a single experiment. Experiments are placed on the system and children can mix materials in the bag by hand. Using unique mechanisms developed at the miLAB, the system enables many of the features available in most labs – temperature control and measurement, mixing, and measurement of optical density for estimating bacteria growth.

The sterility of the system, affordable price, simplicity of operation and the ability to view results even remotely, can solve many of the issues preventing hands-on biology experimentation in schools. A flexible way of designing new experiments using laser cutting, named “microfluidics”, can make the system attractive also for other audiences, from bio-enthusiasts to professionals.

Press Kit

A lab in a box and experiment in a bag. 

Bag design iteration process

The MFBUI: The web-based interface has the ability to control multiple systems, set temperature, pump direction and speed, and start or stop the spectral measurement.